Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's in your purse?

I spent yesterday morning with my sister, Julie, browsing through the library and getting great deals on cardigans at the thrift store. We had such fun!

Well, when Julie showed up at my house at 8:30 yesterday morning, she'd already been up for 4 hours. It seems she spent those hours watching shows about Heidi Klum and coming up with photography ideas. Now, Julie has never taken a photography class and doesn't currently have a working camera, but she does have lots of imagination. She's already decided on some projects she wants to do for her first photography class this fall, even though she hasn't seen the syllabus yet! One project will involve shadows and the other will document the contents of purses, wallets, and pockets. "You can tell so much about a person from her purse," she said. She added, "Plus, I'm really curious to see what people have in there!"

She wanted to see the contents of my purse, and so I obliged with the disclaimer of, "I don't keep much in my purse because I'm always changing bags." I was so surprised by just how much stuff was in my purse, and Julie was right. The things in my purse are a pretty decent representation of my life. Julie emptied out her purse too, and we snapped some photos.

Can you guess which photo is of Julie's stuff and which is mine?

Notable things from purse #1: Coach wristlet, newly crocheted Kate hat, iPod, lots of lip glosses, book (My Sister's Keeper)

Notable things from purse #2: bandana, Taco Bell hot sauce, movie ticket stubs (Harry Potter and Bruno), doily, CD (She & Him, Volume 1)

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