Sunday, July 26, 2009

Easy like Sunday Morning

Good morning! Today was an early wake up for K and me. No reason, we just couldn't sleep any longer. So we were out of bed before 7 a.m., drinking coffee and popping some cinnamon rolls into the oven. I made the dough last night and refrigerated the rolls overnight so that this morning all I had to do was bake them and whip up some icing. You can find the recipe from the Black Apple here. I did make a few changes--instead of making two giant cinnamon rolls (why in the world would you ever do this?) I cut the dough into 6 rolls. I had trouble finishing one in this smaller size, anyway. I also cut the icing recipe in half, which made for a much more enjoyable cinnamon roll experience for me. I made this recipe once before and followed the icing recipe exactly. Whoa, with so much icing, it was too sweet!

* * * * *

Look at this harvest!
Tomatoes and Lemon Balm

We gathered up quite a few tomatoes from the garden yesterday. The big one is a black krim, the red is an Amish paste, and see those yellow ones? Those are supposed to be Mr. Stripey. Yeah, definitely no stripes. No worries, though, because I'm sure they'll still make excellent tomato sandwiches for lunch today.

Yesterday was such a busy day, but in the best of ways. K and I visited the farmers' market to buy some peaches because I want to make a peach pie this week. We went for a walk, I baked 2 loaves of bread (light wheat and white), and we watched some episodes of Mad Men. Even though we just started watching it, we're already addicted. The sets! The clothes! Love it. We made dinner together and later picked those tomatoes. We also had to fend off some garden intruders, intent on stealing our watermelons. More on that later. Oh! And I started a new cross stitch. It was a very good day!

Enjoy your Sunday! I hope it's filled with delights.

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