Monday, June 23, 2014

first monday of summer in kentucky

jude's day started with yogurt, mine with coffee,
and we split a bagel smeared with avocado.

then it was on to water a garden full of herbs and weeds
with a toddler who, when beckoned, points out basil, calendula, and mint.
today he learned "bird poop" and we searched the driveway for white splatters.

nap time
for him, but laundry time for me,
two loads today,
and a few rounds of knitting on my blue socks.

but then he's up again and we read peter rabbit
while he bounces on the bed
he just learned that today
so it's still charming.

* * *

tonight on my desk sits a yellow teacup
warm milky tea with brown sugar to sweeten the evening's work.

i break to stretch my legs and find my husband at the window.

a hawk perched on the ridge of the house across the street,
unperturbed by the summer rain and the robins diving at him.
he shakes his head just once,
flinging the gathered rain from his feathers.

* * *

thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. i appreciate your thoughts and will have more to say about them in the future. i know i'll be referring back to them when i hit a rough patch in blogging.

the winner of the yarn giveaway is liesl.


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