Saturday, October 22, 2011

keeping warm

The kettle is on. I'm layered in shirts and sweats. Our bed is piled with quilts and afghans. My hands want to wrap themselves around a mug of coffee--c'mon, kettle. Cold weather has finally found its way to our Kentucky valley.

Of course this means that I need to make more woolly things. These fingerless gloves were on and off my needles last week, and I'm getting a lot of satisfaction from such a quick knit. They keep my hands from freezing at the bus stop while leaving my fingers free to find my bus pass, work keys, and knitting needles.

Now the coffee is ready, and I need some slow sipping time with the newspaper and maybe a bit of knitting before a day of packing and running errands. Have a good weekend!


Reading Mitts (free pattern)
Yarn: Littledove (a Kentucky yarn!)
Needles: US Size 5 DPNs

* * * * * 

Other people keeping warm:

Andrea with her Rocky Coast cardigan

Kristen with her scalloped collar

Anna Maria with her new flannels

Thursday, October 20, 2011

right now, handwritten

And you? 

* * * * *

Updated to add: We're not in the new house yet. Right now we are enjoying the last few (chaotic) days in our apartment before the big move, and we're eagerly anticipating settling into our new home next week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

yarn along: planning

I just don't know about this week. Work is crazy-busy, leaving me feeling scattered at the end of each day. My personal life is stressful--sick relatives and family fights. And this morning at the bus stop an angry drunk man got up in my face and yelled horrible things. It's all enough to make me want to crawl into bed and hibernate all winter.

But I can't.

So, I'm planning for the future, for those glad times that are hopefully waiting out there for me in the not-too-distant future.

This week I'm knitting some wrist warmers for myself in anticipation of delightfully chilly autumn days. We've had such a warm streak of weather lately that it hasn't felt like fall at all. It's been so warm that I was surprised to see the trees turning gold and sidewalks filled with russet leaves when K and I were out on a walk last night. There's a cold front moving through tonight that is supposed to bring rain. Cool days will soon be here and I'll need some wrist warmers to ward off the chill while still keeping my fingers free. You know, in case I need to mace anyone at the bus stop.

And of course, I'm planning for our new house. It seems unreal that we'll be living in a place of our own in just over two weeks. Design*Sponge at Home is full of inspiration and my copy is full of sticky notes marking decor I love. It's overwhelming to think of decorating a whole house, but certainly exciting.

* * *

I'm yarning along today with Ginny. What are you making/reading this week?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

happy distractions

Happy fingers

(Cables! Woohoo!)

Happy mouth 

(find a version of the recipe here)

Happy thoughts

(dreaming of my next sweater and a hat)

* * * * *

Lately I've found mounds of happy things to distract me from moving chores, but we've got a stack of empty boxes in the living room that I've promised myself I'll start filling. Soon. We move in three weeks!

What's making you happy today?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It has been so hard to get back into the work week after the weekend that we had. For K's birthday, I surprised him with an in-the-city getaway. We stayed downtown at the 21c Museum Hotel, which was voted the #1 hotel in the US and #6 in the world (that's right, big things are happening here in Kentucky). The 21c has fabulous 24/7 gallery space with a bevy of art exhibits. Their rooms are full of interior design inspiration, and they serve up delicious meals at their restaurant, Proof.

Downtown Louisville has (surprisingly) a lot going on at night. I curled up on the window seat for a while and watched people walking by. Later K and I had a board game marathon (it was his birthday, after all). K was surprised and loved having a low-key birthday getaway. 

 * * * 

I just had to show you guys my favorite interactive art installation. A camera projects live images onto a wall along with falling letters. You can actually catch the letters as they cascade down. The word nerd in me had a blast!

If you're in need of a getaway, I highly recommend the 21c!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


We're celebrating my mister's last year as a twenty-something. 

We've had birthday dinners, birthday cakes, and birthday games.

His birthday may be over, but the celebrating isn't. I've still got some surprises up my sleeve. I can't wait to share with you (and him!) where we're going. 

* * * * * 

Happy birthday, K! You just keep getting better with age.

* * * * * 

Have a great weekend!


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