Tuesday, August 27, 2013

rolling stone


This boy keeps me busy. He started rolling over a couple weeks ago and now likes to roll back and forth. He rolled across an entire room yesterday. And he's found his feet. What fun! 

He makes the funniest throaty squeals and yelps, but they are the sweetest sounds to this mama's ears.

He'll be five months old tomorrow. They've been the longest and fastest and fullest five months of my life. 

* * * 

The flannel quilt was handmade by a friend of the family. It's really soft and big enough for me to keep warm under too.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

balsam fir shawl

Shawl nights. I can't believe we're having shawl nights in August. Last night K and I sat outside in the cool dusk, counting the stars as they came out and watching the moon as it rose over the fir tree. I've cursed that tree so many times; we're always tracking the needles inside where they litter our floors and snag in our socks. But last night I loved that fir tree with the moon and blue peeking through its branches. It made me feel far away from everyday tasks and far away from city life, if just for a moment.

The sun is setting now, and I just heard the neighbor gathering his kids for bath time. Soon the stars will be coming out and I'll be wrapped in my shawl with a cup of tea in my hands. I can't wait.

* * *

Find more details about my Balsam Fir Shawl on Ravelry.


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