Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This past weekend we had such wonderfully cool, sunny days. We spent an entire afternoon outside and didn't break a sweat. We went for a morning walk and I had to wear a shawl! It's what I imagine summer in northern climes must feel like. Now I understand why some people claim summer as their favorite season. My heart still belongs to fall, but I'll take more summer weekends like this past one.

Come fall I'll have a new hat to warm my ears on crisp days because I finished this blue-gray Rosa hat. I loved knitting with handspun yarn! As soon as I cast this Rosa off, I cast on another one, this time in pink with gray stripes for my sister. It will match the fingerless mitts I made her a couple Christmases ago. I showed her the hat in progress, and she got goosebumps because she liked it so much! She's definitely knit-worthy!

I'm joining Andi's KAL/CAL, and it's already motivated me to get my knitting organized. I'm still trying to be resourceful (and frugal!), so I combed through my stash and picked out yarn for a Cable Baby hat, a baby-sized Antler Cardigan, and a Pei hat (my first stranded knitting project! wish me luck!). Are you joining in? I completely failed at the one knit along I joined before, but this one is just about finishing any projects you happen to have on the needles. I can handle that!

* * *

And finally, I'm joining in Ginny's yarn along. I've been in a nonfiction mood for quite some time. I'm currently engrossed in The Cornbread Mafia, a book about a large-scale marijuana-growing operation (and bust) centered in Marion County, Kentucky. I find it fascinating that the author links Prohibition-era attitudes and activities in Marion County with attitudes on illegal drugs a generation or two later. The book can get pretty tangential at times, but overall it's an interesting narrative. I'm also reading Gulp, which makes me queasy. Even so, I can't stop reading it! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

woodland quilt (and a sweater in july)

{woodland quilt}

{kick, kick}

Whew. My baby can't even crawl yet, and I'm already worn out. He seems to become more active every day. Suddenly he's splashing in the tub, blowing raspberries, and grabbing everything he can. How does he learn this stuff overnight? My days of taking photos of him laying still are limited, so I better show you this quilt while I can.

My mom and I made this quilt together when I was pregnant. We made a practice quilt first, then dived right into this Timber and Leaf fabric. I love the modern woodsy vibe and the cute animals (the deer are my favorite). We're both new at quilt-making, so it was fun to learn together on this simple patchwork. I did the cutting and arranging, and Mom did all of the sewing on this one. We used five-inch squares, and the finished quilt is approximately 36 by 45 inches. We've been using the quilt as a play mat for now, but I'm sure when he's older he'll be snuggling under this mama- and Gigi-made quilt, finding bears, foxes, birds, and deer before he falls asleep.

* * *

And yes, it is much too hot and humid in Kentucky to actually wear sweaters and booties at this time of year, but I couldn't resist trying these on. They fit (darn!). I made the Baby Surprise Jacket as part of a knit along before I was even pregnant, so I had no idea on sizes. And the booties were too cute not to knit, even though I had a hunch they'd fit him during the height of summer. I'll just have to make some booties in a larger size for him to wear this winter.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

yarn along: old-fashioned baby hat

This week I've nearly finished a type of baby hat known in some circles as a bonnet, but because my husband refuses to dress our son in anything called a bonnet, this is simply an old-fashioned baby hat. I think it's sweet and practical; the i-cord ties will keep the hat in place so Baby J will be snug on outings next winter.

This is the first time I've made an i-cord and, well, I'm already looking around for things that could benefit from a stretchy knitted cord. The pattern includes links to all the techniques it uses, which makes them really easy to learn.

* * *

For months I felt too tired to make it through anything longer than a newspaper article. And then I read a few blog posts that mentioned babies who go to bed in the 6 or 7 o'clock hour. "Who the heck are these babies?" I asked. And the bloggers just mentioned that their babies went to bed early in passing, as if, you know, this is something babies do. Not my baby. My baby wanted to stay up late and nurse every few hours. I had no time to even think about reading. But this week we've finally settled into an earlier bedtime routine (I'm knocking on wood right now so I don't jinx it), and so I've had a few hours to myself each night. I'm not any more well-rested than I was when I had to wake up and feed the baby every few hours. Oh no. I'm like a kid at a slumber party who wants to pack in as much fun as possible before dawn. I've been staying up too late knitting and reading, playing board games with my husband, baking cakes, and watching stand-up comedy. Yeah, I'm really letting loose.

All this to say, I'm reading Cooked by Michael Pollan. I love reading about food, and Michael Pollan uses words that I sometimes have to look up in the dictionary, which I also love doing. My nerdiness knows no bounds.

* * *

Do you love knitting and reading too? 

See who else is participating in the Yarn Along.

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