Friday, August 24, 2012

thoughts on the f-word and a rainbow morning

* * * 

I quit Facebook two weeks ago. Not for some grand ideological reason. I quit mostly because every time I logged in, I felt my tension rise. The news feed seemed endless. Minute updates and political arguments annoyed me. So, I shut it down. 

Although I probably will be back again (it's the only contact I have with some friends), I'm enjoying the gains I've found these two weeks. I have more time out in the real world. I used to lose whole hours when I checked updates on my phone. Hours! Hours that I could have spent knitting! Or reading, walking, chatting, playing games, and gardening. I don't feel as stressed. I'm glad I don't have to hear everyone's opinion during this political season. Also, I've talked to a couple of friends on the phone, and it felt great to actually connect instead of reading general pronouncements about their day. And I've received emails. Those are few and far between these days, so I'm savoring them. 

But of course, there are losses, too. I quit on the spur of the moment, so I'm sure I left some friends in the lurch. Also, I know I'll get invited to fewer events because I'm out of touch. One of my friends quit Facebook more than a year ago and hasn't returned. She told me she's glad she did except that she doesn't like missing out on invites. 

Anyway, if we were Facebook friends, please know I didn't unfriend you. Of course we're friends (even if we never were Facebook friends!). Let's stay in touch. I'm only an email away!

* * *

A note about the photo: Lately we've had chilly mornings. Of course, I'm always ready for fall, so the other day I broke out my hand-knit socks and snuggled under my ripple blanket. When I finally looked at myself, I couldn't help but laugh. I was completely covered in rainbows! It was a great way to start the morning.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

rocky coast update

I may have overestimated my ability to finish a cabled, worsted weight wool sweater in the heat of August. Some days it's hard to muster any enthusiasm, and the cardigan sits alone in a heap in my stuffy upstairs living room. I am still chugging away most days and am nearly finished with the first sleeve. That's progress! I think my knitting group is tired of hearing me complain about how much I dislike knitting sleeves, so I'll keep the whining to a minimum here. Just know that I am having no fun at all knitting these sleeves. Ha. Well, it's not so bad actually. K and I have been hanging out and watching movies together, which makes for good knitting time.

* * * * *

I haven't spent all my days knitting. My mom, sister, and I went to the Kentucky State Fair over the weekend. We watched spinning demonstrations, looked at all the knitted and crocheted entries, strolled through the layer cakes, watched a circus show, and finally took in the colors and crowds of the midway.

* * * 

I'd love to hear what you've been doing! 

What projects are you making? What sights have you seen?


Monday, August 6, 2012

rocky coast

I've jumped on the Rocky Coast Cardigan bandwagon. I wanted to make a classic cardigan that I'll be able to wear year after year. Rocky Coast is a beautiful sweater that seems flattering on everyone, so it's no wonder it caught on fast after Coastal Knits was released last year!

Although I love making sweaters, sweater-knitting seems to drag on forever. So, I'm trying my hardest to finish this cardigan by the end of this month. That seems like a crazy goal. I've never knitted a sweater in a month, let alone a long-sleeved sweater with cables. Still, I'm giving it a go. I start each morning with a couple of rows and a cup of tea to fuel my needles. It makes my mornings feel luxurious. And of course I've been watching the Olympics and knitting in the evening. If I can keep up this pace I will finish by September and be wrapped in this cozy sweater all fall and winter. I'd cross my fingers for luck if they weren't so busy knitting!

I'm using Quince and Co. Lark yarn in Egret for this project. This is the fifth project I've used their yarn on. Quince and Co. makes gorgeous, affordable yarn, so their shop is the first place I look when I queue a new project.

* * *

How's your life lately? 

What are you making? 

Have you set any crazy goals for yourself?


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