Thursday, October 31, 2013

halloween mitts


Happy Halloween! 

I made these mitts for a good friend. Last year she sent me a couple skeins of Malabrigo Worsted in the colorway Plena with a note that the dusky purple and glowing orange reminded her of Halloween night. I liked these mitts so much that I've already cast on a pair for myself, too. 

Have a warm and safe Halloween! We are supposed to have a rainy evening, so I'm not sure if any trick-or-treaters will venture out. We'll have candy and a little costumed fellow regardless. I stayed up late putting the finishing touches on Jude's costume. Here's a sneak peek

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

fall days

I've been trying to soak up October's sunny days and get outside on the cold ones too. Jude and I bundle up and walk until my feet get tired. We walk all around, new ways each time. He usually falls asleep eventually but never fails to wake up as soon as we're back home. 

He's crawling backward these days and pulling up in his crib and on the furniture. He looks so happy every time I find him standing up in his crib. It must feel amazing to go from being able to only sit or lie down to suddenly being able to stand upright. What a great new view, right? 

We've ventured to a couple fall festivals too. Jude rolled around in a pile of pumpkins and ate some Swiss chard and cilantro that he swiped from a garden. He's got fast little hands that dart to his mouth like a flash when he finds something he likes. 

 I hope you're finding things you like these days. As for me, I'm knitting away in my spare minutes and drinking hot chocolate now that we've got some cool weather. I'm looking forward to making Maya's apple cake (a fall tradition now) and something pumpkin. If you've got any favorite pumpkin recipes, send them my way. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

striped rosa

In high school and college I did some of my best work late at night before tests and papers were due. I'd stay up till the wee hours studying and writing, and then I'd crawl into bed a couple hours before dawn for a nap before heading to class. Now I feel like I can barely string a sentence together after dinner. I'm much more of a morning person now and would rather wake up early to get things done than stay up late. However, I'm stretched thin this week because we've had late nights and early mornings, which has made the days feel like they go on forever. Not to mention we've gone through our 3-day supply of cloth diapers in 2 days!

All this to say, I'm not sure I can write a coherent post about this hat I made for my sister, but I'm going to try because it feels mighty nice to be sitting here typing away about knitting instead of standing at the changing table.

So yes, the hat. It's a Striped Rosa. I picked the pattern and my sister chose the color combination. I'm glad I already told her about it because otherwise I'd be tempted to keep it for myself. I may have worn it around the house once, just to make sure it was a good hat (it is!), but now it's safely packed away in my cedar chest until Christmastime. This is the third year in a row I've made my sister a Christmas present from this yarn (she previously received a bow headband and mitts). Somehow the yarn seemed to multiply every time I looked away, but this is really the last of it.

* * *

I finished this Striped Rosa hat as part of My Sister's Knitter's KAL/CAL. Up next is a Fall KAL/CAL. I've already cast on a few things. Are you joining in? 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

baby antlers and booties

Finally, my favorite month has begun. Oh, October. The changes in light, the smell of woodsmoke lingering in the air, the chill creeping in. The reds, russets, rusts, and golds clinging to the trees, swirling down in gusts of wind, and waiting for footfall to crunch through.

Jude won't eat his cereal, but he'll eat as many leaves as he can get his hands on. When we sit outside together I'll often find his fingers wrapped around a leaf. He tastes each leaf thoughtfully and goes back for more. I keep fishing stems and other leaf litter out of his mouth. He also plucks purple mums from my pots, and we sprinkle their petals like confetti on the porch steps. We watch the birds flying south. They make a ruckus in the trees and sky that he sometimes imitates.

The Baby Antler cardigan and booties are to keep him warm on our daily outings. He's so snuggly wrapped in all that wool!


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