Tuesday, October 29, 2013

fall days

I've been trying to soak up October's sunny days and get outside on the cold ones too. Jude and I bundle up and walk until my feet get tired. We walk all around, new ways each time. He usually falls asleep eventually but never fails to wake up as soon as we're back home. 

He's crawling backward these days and pulling up in his crib and on the furniture. He looks so happy every time I find him standing up in his crib. It must feel amazing to go from being able to only sit or lie down to suddenly being able to stand upright. What a great new view, right? 

We've ventured to a couple fall festivals too. Jude rolled around in a pile of pumpkins and ate some Swiss chard and cilantro that he swiped from a garden. He's got fast little hands that dart to his mouth like a flash when he finds something he likes. 

 I hope you're finding things you like these days. As for me, I'm knitting away in my spare minutes and drinking hot chocolate now that we've got some cool weather. I'm looking forward to making Maya's apple cake (a fall tradition now) and something pumpkin. If you've got any favorite pumpkin recipes, send them my way. 


  1. I don't think it gets any cuter than small people and large pumpkins! It looks like you are all enjoying yourselves so much. Is that a Shetland Trader sweater you are wearing?

  2. He is a very cute baby boy, growing so fast. Lovely between all those pumpkins lol :)

    Lluisa x

  3. I can't get over how much your little guy has grown ~ you all look wonderful and fall weather is truly all about being out and about! I don't want this season to end as we've had the nicest autumn here in NY in years. Love the look of the apple cake recipe. I just may need to pop one of those in my oven ... tonight!

  4. You are a beautiful ohana! Baby's gorgeous.

  5. Gorgeous photos!
    The Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins over at Vanilla Bean blog are a BIG hit around here. If you make them, only sugar the ones you are going to eat right away otherwise they get soggy. Or skip the sugar on some and eat them with butter. Then they count as breakfast. ;)

  6. there's nothing cuter than a little one in a pumpkin patch!

  7. Wow, he sure is getting big! Love his picture with his Daddy & with you! :) Fall is definitely my favorite season, too. Gotta love the sweater weather :) Liesl's pumpkin donut recipe sounds very delicious... I may have to try that one as well as your apple cake recipe! Thanks!!


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