Friday, August 24, 2012

thoughts on the f-word and a rainbow morning

* * * 

I quit Facebook two weeks ago. Not for some grand ideological reason. I quit mostly because every time I logged in, I felt my tension rise. The news feed seemed endless. Minute updates and political arguments annoyed me. So, I shut it down. 

Although I probably will be back again (it's the only contact I have with some friends), I'm enjoying the gains I've found these two weeks. I have more time out in the real world. I used to lose whole hours when I checked updates on my phone. Hours! Hours that I could have spent knitting! Or reading, walking, chatting, playing games, and gardening. I don't feel as stressed. I'm glad I don't have to hear everyone's opinion during this political season. Also, I've talked to a couple of friends on the phone, and it felt great to actually connect instead of reading general pronouncements about their day. And I've received emails. Those are few and far between these days, so I'm savoring them. 

But of course, there are losses, too. I quit on the spur of the moment, so I'm sure I left some friends in the lurch. Also, I know I'll get invited to fewer events because I'm out of touch. One of my friends quit Facebook more than a year ago and hasn't returned. She told me she's glad she did except that she doesn't like missing out on invites. 

Anyway, if we were Facebook friends, please know I didn't unfriend you. Of course we're friends (even if we never were Facebook friends!). Let's stay in touch. I'm only an email away!

* * *

A note about the photo: Lately we've had chilly mornings. Of course, I'm always ready for fall, so the other day I broke out my hand-knit socks and snuggled under my ripple blanket. When I finally looked at myself, I couldn't help but laugh. I was completely covered in rainbows! It was a great way to start the morning.


  1. I have never joined Facebook because I just didn't think I could handle all the drama, life is just too short!

    Love seeing all the rainbow colors, but must confess to being a little envious of your cool mornings, we are still hot and humid here in the deep south.

  2. I completely agree about Facebook. I have refused to participate up until now but have felt a little obliged to set up a page for my new shop. We have just returned from holiday where we had no internet connection. I was reassured to see how easily I slipped back into reading and knitting instead of spending hours on internet. It was wonderful.

    That is a glorious picture, Allison. Such vibrant yarn love.


  3. Here's the funny thing about me and FB: I got an account mainly because my kids are on it but I rarely think to check it! I agree with you and the comments here - there are so manyt other wonderful things to do and ways to be in touch, FB is boring in comparison. Your knitted rainbows are not! ; )

  4. I hear you! I'm torn about Facebook. I resisted getting an account for quite a while. Overall I'm glad I did, because like you said, it's the only way I have to stay in touch with certain friends and family. I could just do without all the negativity.

  5. I can't say I blame you about FB. I must be out of touch or something, b/c there usually isn't much drama on my feed, and when someone annoys me, I just hide them ;-) I don't do much on it, but it keeps me informed about people moving, getting married, having kids,etc. and I love the pics, so I understand the mixed feelings. I'm just an email away, but rarely do I receive *real emails.

    I did want to ask--If you see any cute, easy crochet designs for baby girl handbands/hands/blankets, please let me know :)

    Enjoy your freedom from facebook!

  6. I check FB all day but I'm not as addicted as when I had first started. I rebelled against it for the longest time but had first joined to KIT w/a cousin.
    I love your rainbow socks and the ripple. What great ways to cheer up gloomy weather.

  7. You are reading my mind!

    I contemplate quitting every day but don't do it because I want to monitor my daughter's FB use. So instead of quitting I block people so I can't see their annoying posts but I still feel my blood pressure rise when I log on. Whether it's people's political posts or just plain self-centered, pointless status updates, I find myself just completely annoyed. FB gives us an overblown sense of importance, like we have our own reality show. I mean, does anyone really care that I am having coffee right now??? And it creates an environment where we feel compelled to give our opinion, to comment on EVERYTHING. Sheesh, I could go on and on.... :)

    I love your rainbow socks!!

  8. I LOVED talking with you on the phone! And don't worry about leaving Facebook - I was very late to jump on the Facebook band-wagon. I somehow managed to have a social life without it, so I have no doubt you will too!


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