Saturday, October 22, 2011

keeping warm

The kettle is on. I'm layered in shirts and sweats. Our bed is piled with quilts and afghans. My hands want to wrap themselves around a mug of coffee--c'mon, kettle. Cold weather has finally found its way to our Kentucky valley.

Of course this means that I need to make more woolly things. These fingerless gloves were on and off my needles last week, and I'm getting a lot of satisfaction from such a quick knit. They keep my hands from freezing at the bus stop while leaving my fingers free to find my bus pass, work keys, and knitting needles.

Now the coffee is ready, and I need some slow sipping time with the newspaper and maybe a bit of knitting before a day of packing and running errands. Have a good weekend!


Reading Mitts (free pattern)
Yarn: Littledove (a Kentucky yarn!)
Needles: US Size 5 DPNs

* * * * * 

Other people keeping warm:

Andrea with her Rocky Coast cardigan

Kristen with her scalloped collar

Anna Maria with her new flannels


  1. Definitely layering daughter and I walked to the store this morning. Brrr! But I see blue skies and the sun coming up...I bet it will warm up. Those fingerless gloves turned out beautifully!

  2. they're lovely! I need to make up some fingerless gloves, I can't find mine from last year. I wish I could knit a pair knowing they'd work out! maybe next year

  3. Gorgeous gloves, I definitely need some of those for next winter, but we are only just heading into summer now so it's a wee while away thankfully!

  4. Those gloves went right into my Rav queue after seeing your beauties! That yarn look just perfect.
    Oh those penguins in those sweaters is just too sweet for words!

  5. Those handwarmers are so fancy! I bet your hands are the best-dressed hands on that bus!

  6. Beautiful hand/wristwarmers. Love the details and they look really warm. Up here the cold has arrived too!

  7. those fingerless gloves are sooooo cool!

  8. So pretty! Hope they keep your hands warm this coming cold season! (We are finally getting some cold here. It might even snow a little tonight!)

  9. Cute gloves! Now i just need to find a crochet version. :)


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