Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Yay for CSA day!

Welcome to any Phoenix Hill Farmers' Market goers who've found their way to my blog. I'm glad to have you here and hope you'll enjoy reading.

This is my first year to have a CSA subscription, and my husband and I are splitting it with my mom. Our CSA is through Finger Pickin' Farms in southern Indiana. We've all really enjoyed eating fresh, local fruits and vegetables and trying some that we wouldn't normally think to buy. So far, I've been particularly charmed by the luscious lettuces and delicate strawberries. I'm most looking forward to a bounty of tomatoes!

I post about our CSA each Tuesday (or sometimes Wednesday). During the rest of the week, I write about the goings-on in my life. I make it my mission to find beauty in everyday occurrences. You'd be surprised how much beauty life just hands to you, if only you look for it.

Here are the contents of this week's CSA box from Finger Pickin' Farms:

This week we got Red Russian Kale, purple carrots, arrowhead cabbages, lots of potatoes, green and white cucumbers, a Magda squash, some zephyr squash, and a head of garlic.

The purple potatoes--scrubbed, cut, and ready for roasting. Such a vibrant shade!

The carrots and potatoes were quickly roasted for tonight's dinner. The cucumbers will top bagels with cream cheese, and will be thrown into either raita or tzatziki sauce. The cabbage will probably become a casserole and the kale will be a quick saute with garlic, lemon juice, and soy sauce.

Thanks so much to Sue (who writes the Phoenix Hill Farmers' Market blog and another delightful blog called Urban Little House) for finding me!

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  1. Purple potatos!!! WOOWHOO!!! I have never seen that!


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