Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What a cheery CSA box we got this week! It was filled with zephyr bi-color squash, a Middle Eastern squash (could be koosa, but I don't remember), golden and green zucchini, arrowhead cabbage, fennel, basil, pickling cucumbers, white cucumbers, purple carrots, cippolini onions, and orange carrots.

Here's a better view of the young arrowhead cabbages. I think they're so adorable with their pointy little tops. I've only seen round cabbages before, so I was quite surprised to see these.

A close up of the white cucumbers. I'm excited to try these and see how the taste compares to green cucumbers.

And lastly, here's another look at the purple carrots, which are gorgeous. They have such a beautiful color. Can you see that crazy one on the left? It has 3 different ends!

Our farmers' market has recipe for roasted cippolini onions. I'd like to try it, but we only got a few onions this week. So, maybe another time.

Another recipe I ran across lately is a Lemon Cucumber Tofu Salad from 101 Cookbooks. It sounds fresh, light, and cool, which is just perfect for summer. I think it would be good with a mix of the white and pickling cucumbers that we got this week. I'm pretty sure we actually got one lemon cucumber in the box as well, though our farmer didn't mention it. It's that big one on the left in the cucumber photo.

As always, our CSA is through Finger Picking Farms.* Hope you're eating well this week!

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*I think it's actually named Finger Pickin' Farms, but I keep writing "Finger Picking Farms" because that's what it's listed as on Local Harvest.

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  1. Hey Allison- I just discovered you today! What a delilghtful blog you have. I am about to be late to work from looking at it, so I'll have to come back and hang out later.
    I made the cippolini onion recipe off the phfarmersmkt blog adn they are delicious BUT the liquid just burned totally to the pan. I'm thinking if I did it again I would maybe not have the oven quite as hot or add a bit more of some liquid- maybe veggie broth or even some water? Whilst the grill is up and running I think you could use the recipe as a marinade adn grill them, but in the winter the roasted taste would be a bit of summer.
    May I link to you from the market blog? I have wanted badly to find someone who shows their CSA haul and hadn't been able to find anyone.


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