Wednesday, February 9, 2011

daily reminder

This little phone nook vignette is a daily reminder to live this year with intent. 

I love changing this shelf up to suit my mood. (You might remember my crafty collection). I was feeling pretty contemplative and wintry when I made this, but I'm ready for more color as I look forward to spring. I think my next vignette will be joyful!

* * * * *

The photo is K when he was tiny. He looks like he's pondering something, doesn't he?


  1. That's such a sweet nook! It must make you smile each and every day.

    Now, speaking of smiles....You brought a grin to my face yesterday. Thank you so much for the box of goodies. Very kind and thoughtful of you.

  2. This is darling as is that photo of little K!

  3. i love this :) i bet little K is pondering his next move for the across america train game haha. as you know, "you can't out fox a fox" and apparently he's the fox

  4. What a great idea- a scrabble banner!


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