Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cramming Before Class (knitting my first hat)

I decided to dive into this knitting hobby, so I called my local yarn shop to sign up for a class. The sock knitting class piqued my interest, but I wasn't sure I had enough knitting skills to handle it. Here's how the phone conversation went.

Me: Hi, I really want to take your sock knitting class, but I've only knit scarves before. Do you think I could handle the class? (Yes, I said scarves plural--as in those rolled up stockinette scarves counted, too).

Lady at yarn shop: Let me ask. (To someone else at yarn shop) She's only knit scarves and hats before. Will she be ok for the sock class? (To me again) Sure, you'll be fine.

Me: (thinking--hats??? what hats? I was stretching the truth with scarves) Ok, sign me up.

I figured I'd just learn to knit hats before the class. I've always been a bit of a crammer before tests at school. So this week I learned to knit a hat. The pattern I chose is very easy because it's knit flat and then stitched up. I was so excited that I took about a million photos. 

Lots of garter and stockinette practice

I learned the mattress stitch! 

All sewn up and ready to weave in ends. I just needed a little tea break.

Yay! I've got a new hat!

I'm calling it Melon Head because the yarn is a lovely shade of watermelon (and really I do have a big head). I was reading The Blind Assassin when I went yarn shopping; the protagonist is usually wearing watermelon pink, so that influenced my choice. Just for the record, I've always been very persuaded by the books I read. In fifth grade the Anastasia books convinced me that giant owl-eye glasses were a good idea. My yearbook photo proves otherwise. Yikes!

* * * * * 

What about you--any memories about how books have influenced you in subtle or significant ways? I'd love to know I'm not the only one whose decisions are made based on whatever book I happen to be reading.

* * * * * 


Yarn: Cascade 220

Needles: US Size 9

Made for: Cram session (me?)


  1. Oh Allison, you had me giggling about your phone conversation....Who would have thought signing up to a sock class would inturn see the making of your first knitted hat ~ And it is Lovely!!! :)

    I hope you have a lot of fun at your knitted sock class :)

  2. Good luck on your sock class! I'm sure you'll be fine. I knit a sock pretty early in my knitting life and it didn't turn out awesome, but it's definitely a sock with a turned heel and kitchnered toe and all!

  3. Ha....Very cute posting! I'm so intimidated by the whole knitting thing. It's hats off to you for giving it a whirl!

    And yes, I've been influenced by books. During my Nancy Drew obsession, I used to pedal around the neighborhood looking for crimes. I kept a notebook close at hand to jot down clues.

    When I was reading "Three Women at the Water's Edge," I obsessed about the floral teapot the main character owned. I had to go out and find one myself.

    You are not alone!

  4. Congrats on your first hat! I can't believe how quickly you accomplished LEARNING to knit a hat!

    Yes, I, too, have been influenced by books. Mostly by names. I decide, "Oh, that sounds like such a good name. And that person was such a good character." So, I guess I could attribute Emma to a wannabe love for Jane Austen. Abigail...well, I know that was a character is something I've read. As a teen, I loved Vampire Diaries, in which the main male character is Stefan...dagnabbit, Steven is pretty close...

  5. I'm impressed! I've always wanted to learn to knit, but never took the time to do it. I'm so amazed that you could knit at hat in fast time and have it look like you've been knitting for years. Good luck on the class. You've inspired me to start knitting!

  6. Very nice work! You have totally aced this new to you craft.

    I hope I'm as lucky. I'm going to start over spring break. I'm going with The Mr. on a business trip so I'll have lots of downtime. Or I'll be here alone and will have lots of downtime.

    Loved The Blind Assassin.

  7. Oh wow, that looks great! So glad you liked the pattern! I've just put another free (and easy!) pattern up today - this time for a shawl. You'll totally be able to knit that too.



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