Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Julie Cuff

Hello! Wednesday already? This week is flying by for me. I hope it's treating you well.

I thought I'd pop in to show you a crocheted cuff I made for my sister. Last summer I let her look through Ravelry and mark her favorite patterns so that I could make her things she really liked. The Julie Cuff is one of the first things she came across. The girl likes cuffs. She has since emailed me two other bracelets she wants--a goddess cuff and a broomstick lace bracelet. Considering The Julie Cuff took me months to finish, I'm not making any promises about more bracelets.

The Julie Cuff was actually fast to crochet, but it took me ages to get motivated to sew on the buttons. Don't ask me why. I finally wanted this out of my in-progress basket so I bit the bullet and sewed those buttons. I got it to Julie in time for Valentine's Day. 

This is one of those things that looks better on. Off, you can see the odd edges that even extra slip stitching couldn't smooth out. On, those edges disappear around the curve of your wrist. 

The buttons that plagued and taunted me for six months? They're my favorite part. Tiny little champagne pearls from a downtown button shop that sadly closed a few years ago. 

Julie loves her namesake cuff. I mailed it to her at college (and then had to repeatedly remind her to check her mail--she never does because she never gets mail, she says). She opened her package to oohs and aahs at the cafeteria dinner table. That sure makes her crocheting sister happy! 


Pattern: The Julie Cuff (available for free)

Yarn: Vintage thread

Hook: Not sure anymore

Made for: Julie

* * * * * 

I also thought you might like to know that the crochet lessons I've been giving my friend Jennifer have been going great. Jennifer caught on quickly and now she's almost finished with her first hat! She shared her progress over on her blog. Check it out and show her some crochet love.


  1. I love this cuff. So cute. I'm already think about which yarn to use.

  2. Oh, this is just too pretty! Maybe I should get back into crochet...

  3. Very pretty. I like smaller projects and the sense of accomplishment finishing them up. I can imagine the center medallion in one color, the band in another.

  4. I'm glad she shared the ooohs and aaahs with you. It's nice to know so many appreciate your efforts and talents, isn't it? Those buttons are precious. I love old buttons.

  5. I found your blog via Ravelry and I'm so glad I did! Thanks for the link to the Julie Cuff pattern. I'm a follower now!

  6. I like that a lot. Think I'm going to make one of those.
    'Never let me go' is a great book - I remember that when I finished it I was desperate to discuss it with someone and no-one I knew had read it!

  7. Lovely cuff....I get delayed too by the smaller details like buttons.
    And also eyes and noses when making amigurumi.
    What a smart idea to get your sister to mark her favourites in Ravelry!

  8. LOVE it! If you ever make to sell, I will purchase some.


  9. So beautiful! I totally get the button conundrum - sitting on my desk is a dress for my daughter I almost finished weeks ago, all it needs is button holes and buttons ...

  10. Very pretty. I have a hang up with sewing on buttons and other finish work too.

  11. I am a big fan of the cuff as well. I love the buttons you chose. They are a perfect compliment.

  12. Oh, this is really nice. I may have to try it myself! Will follow your blog :-)

  13. Beautiful, Feminine and Sweet :)


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