Saturday, February 5, 2011

Berry and Stone Baby Beanie

What a morning. It's cold, dark, and rainy here, which makes me want to scuttle back under the covers and only venture out for cups of tea and yarn. 

Yesterday when I asked my yoga teacher how she was, she answered: "Good on purpose." I like that. I certainly wasn't good on purpose yesterday. I was tired, cold, a little sad. Gray skies will do that to me. 

So in an effort to adopt a good attitude in spite of dreary weather, I'm not curling back up. I've got errands to run and homework to do. 

One of the errands is to get this little baby hat in the mail. I made it for a baby in K's family, his cousin's new daughter, Emma. I hope it will keep her warm on these cold winter days. What a winter to be born into. I bet she'll be hearing stories all her life of how snowy it was when she was born. 

What stories were you told about when you were born? 

My parents always said that I was born on such a cold January day. Dad had to miss a U of L basketball game the night my mom went into labor. When they arrived at the hospital their doctor couldn't be reached--he was at the game. I was born the next morning. My grandma Alice brought an Italian Cream Cake for my mom, whose birthday is only two days after mine. I like picturing my parents snug in a warm hospital room, eating cake while cold winds swirled outside. 

I also like seeing all the snuggly things people made to keep me warm during the cold months. Mom still has lots of crocheted blankets packed away to pass on to my kids. I hope this hat will someday remind Emma that no matter how cold it was when she was born, she was warm.

Wishing you a "good on purpose" day!

* * * * * 

Hat Details

Pattern: Moriarty two colour crochet beanie (free pattern found here)

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease

Hook: H (5.0 mm)

Made for: Emma Grace

This hat works up very quickly. The website has easy to follow photo instructions. This was my first time crocheting in a spiral. I really like the results!

* * * * * 

Also, there's a really cool giveaway I thought you all might like. Rachel of Smile and Wave is giving away a spot in her sewing e-course, Modern Patchwork. You can learn how to make gorgeous vintage-y quilts and pillows. Wouldn't that be fun? Go here for details on entering.


  1. It's an adorable hat!! They will love it. I think being "good on purpose" is a great attitude. I will try to adopt it today as we are expecting yet another storm and ice and water are dripping into the house :(

  2. My mom had to miss Another World, I was born in the middle of it! lol.

    I love that hat, the colors are really sweet :)

  3. Love it! Keep your crochet patterns coming! I love the flower headband and the bobble headband you made up. I made them for myself.

  4. This is so so sweet! Emma will look adorable.

  5. What a beautiful hat...ooh, that sewing class by Rachel looks like it'll be a good one...her husband is such a HUNK...and I still love inspiring!

  6. AND I love the "good...on purpose" suggesting intention, because can't we all see something good to focus on rather than the negative...we've been fortunate to have some sunny days her in Cincinnati! Definitely cheers me up outta these "winter blues" trying to take over.

  7. That's a very sweet hat. She'll look adorable in it. As far as the day I was born, I remember my father saying it was a good thing I was born on a Friday night. That way he didn't have to take time away from work. He had just started his law practice and was working all kinds of crazy hours trying to save for a house.

  8. So. Sweet.

    I love the stripey-ness.

  9. I love the hat! Thank You!

    As for my story...I was born on my dads B-Day! and my FIL is the same day! I say I was born into it and married into it! LOL!



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