Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hallway Crochet Love

Our hallway has one of those spots that used to house an old-fashioned phone. You know, the kind of phone that doesn't fit in your pocket. Since we don't have an old rotary phone that needs a place to hang out, I like to use our little phone shelf to create vignettes

This one is an ode to crochet and vintage things. Milk glass bowl, cotton threads, crocheted stone from Ms. Margie Oomen herself, pin cushion, Matryoshka doll, doily jewelry holder with vintage brooches, beeswax candle (smells so good!). 

Each time I pass through the hallway this collection makes me breathe a bit easier. It's calming. The light colors let my eyes rest. I've thought about switching things out for Christmas decorations, but I keep waiting. I'll keep these things out just a couple days more, I think. But I like them too much to tuck them away. 

Are your holiday decorations up? We've done a little decorating in the living room, the tree and some stockings. Can you believe it's almost December? I'm so excited for the holiday season!


  1. So sweet! We have some decorations up but I still have spots here and there to finish up. You have a great eye for putting things together.

  2. That looks so sweet! Now I wish I had a nook for a phone.

  3. What a nice group that is. I can understand why it is calming. In my house I also have a few spots where I put things that I like, so when I see them, it is just a little moment within all the hectic of family life.

  4. I love your display! We probably won't start decorating for Christmas until this weekend. I will look forward to seeing your new Christmas nook :)

  5. Ahh.. I love everything about that little nook :) Definitely says peaceful to me, too. No decorations up at my apt yet. I wanted to get a potted tree this year so we could plant it outside after the holidays. I hate seeing all those trees thrown away at the end of December :( I'm also planning to make a few stockings this year to decorate with but we'll see if I can get that far. :)

  6. I love the colors as well. Very modern yet aged as well.

    We have a phone nook too! It's one of my favorite little touches this house holds. We have a locally made pot/bowl and a wooden owl bottle opener on ours.

    We have decorated. Anything new will be things we make between now and the big day.

    Squee! December!

  7. we all need something to daily remind us to breathe. this is lovely. I'd say it doesn't need to be put away during the holidays. I haven't really started decorating yet.

  8. What a lovely little corner full of treasures!
    Decorations? We don't have anything up yet. But we like to wait. We always get our tree late because we like leaving it up for a while, for my Dad's birthday in the beginning of January.

  9. That's the sweetest little vignette ever. It must be fun to change up that little space. Calm is good....Unfortunately, we both know it's the calm before the storm these days.

  10. Matroshka little cutie...did you make her?

  11. It's beautiful! And I like how you view the colors as a way for your eyes to rest. Very soothing.


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