Wednesday, August 11, 2010

vintage picnic party and other things i love

List of things I'm loving today

1. This pinwheel floor cushion made using Sandra's method. It fits in perfectly with my style, which K recently described as "picnic/party". I'd add "vintage" and agree that it's a spot on description of my style.

2. Sweet peas in a milk glass vase.

3. Tea. Tea is always on my list of things I love.

4. This little matryoshka who is stuffed with lavender. Her name is Beatrice. She smells (and looks) so sweet.

5. Spending the afternoon with my sister, painting our nails and watching a favorite movie.

6. Feeling a breeze while out walking with K tonight. I've missed breezes.

7. Scoring some pretty skirts and cute shoes for fifty percent off at the thrift store.

8. Leftovers for dinner because it means I didn't have to cook.

9. A (relatively) clean apartment.

10. A new shawl to work on!

* * * * * 

What are you loving today?


  1. That's a great list!

    I'm loving grilled pizza (even though I'm still working on my technique...which means more pizza), adding to my tan, waterproof mascara, a daily smoothie, and having my room all set-up ahead of schedule.

  2. fabulous list. I'm loving grilled corn, time with friends, art dates with myself, and my new Canon

  3. I just looked at your ravelry projects. I never knew crochet items could be so beautiful! (I've always been a knit snob.) I'm loving your hats and shawls today.
    From a girl who grew up in Hurstbourne, off Brownsboro Road, and St. Matthews (but now lives in York, Maine).
    I love your blog, because I feel at home looking at some of my old stomping grounds.

  4. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today! I appreciate it.
    I am loving discovering more beautiful crochet blogs and a lazy day off work, a recipe for too much time spent on the computer! ( I did manage to fit in some hook time so I gotta love that as well!) Also loving my 4 boys (1 old 3young) Life is sweet!

  5. I am loving your list - and that pretty pillow just about stole my heart. It *is* so perfectly you.

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face, Allison. Then again, you always do.



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