Monday, August 9, 2010

weekly wanderings: joe ley antiques

this week k and i, along with his parents, spent some time meandering around a huge antique store downtown. joe ley antiques has four floors packed with old stuff. it was a pleasure to browse, and i know we'll return to scour the massive record collection in the basement. 

i really enjoy finding collections of things already put together, like these vintage tennis racquets. 

this is one of several staircases that were lined with books. it made my bibliophile heart race.

wooden shoe forms piled in a barrel. 

and finally, the feet that carried us through more than two acres of antiques. whew...

* * * * * 

where did you wander this week?


  1. That excursion sounded absolutely wonderful and I'm sure you'll have to go back more than once! LOL Have lots of fun for me.

    Hugs XX

  2. Oh my, I love the staircases... and that has my mind thinking. I bet you could make a stair case that doubles as a bookshelf! And WOW I want one

  3. Those must be tired feet....But feet on a mission! I have two old tennis rackets -- I never thought to put them on display as antiques until now. Good idea.


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