Monday, May 10, 2010

A peek at the new place

I've been trying to create little pockets of calm amidst all of the boxes that need to be unpacked. It helps to have bits of nature and color to rest my eye on. Fresh flowers always bring a smile to my face. The bird's nest is a very new addition to my collection of found objects. I happened upon it this morning while out on a walk. I also brought home a stack of bluegrass cds from the library, perfect for listening to while I unpack.

* * * * * 

What do you do to keep your calm?


  1. I drink a Dr. Pepper, talk to my Pops, and/or listen to something that fills me (Avett Brothers, Andrew Bird, The National, etc.).

    Pretty soon, I'm calm.

    Hope the move is going well...

  2. Keeping calm? (I'm not sure at this point that CALM is in my vocabulary). But when I get stressed, I start crocheting like a maniac. I finished a record number of afghans lately, if that gives you an idea of how uptight I've been this past year! I'm blaming it all on my teenagers.

  3. Read blogs! And listen to wonderful music. And get one spot in order so that I can step away from chaos, which it looks like you have already done. Oh, and I say over and over, "In a week, this will all be over."

  4. Beautiful little nook!
    Music is my calm. Especially when I put on my headphones, everything else just disappears. I'm into Jenn Grant right now. And Josh Ritter's new album.
    Excited to see more peeks at your new place! Hope you enjoy making it into a home.

  5. Beautiful picture! I have many outlets to find my calm. Pouring a glass of red wine, doing a bit of yoga, organizing the closets, and listening to a sermon online.
    With a house full of boys, I'll take calm wherever I can find it!

  6. Well, now that I've found you...
    I look at your lovely blog! :)
    I love to hand quilt to find my calm. Or, walk on the beach. :)
    Are those peonies?!?! We use to have them up north... HeAVENLY! I tried to grow them here. THe foliage grew, but no flowers. Then, they didn't come back the next year. :(
    Can I print out this photo onto fabric?!!??


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