Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grandparents' gifts

I've been crafting up a storm! This morning I finished up a present for my mom, which I'll share after Christmas, and I made a present for K's grandpa. We're visiting his grandparents this weekend, so I needed to get gifts for them pronto.

I think it's really hard to come up with handmade gifts for men. However, I remembered that my grandpa uses handkerchiefs, an old-fashioned (and eco-friendly) habit. So I figured some personalized handkerchiefs were in order for our grandfathers this year.

My original plan was to purchase handkerchiefs and then cross-stitch initials on them, but I forgot to get some at the store the other day. It turned out to be easier to make the handkerchiefs than to get back out to the store and buy them.

So I cut up an old pillowcase, hemmed the edges and sewed on a C for Charles. My grandpa will also get a C on his handkerchief, but his is for Conrad. (I love grandparents' names). I'll show you my grandpa's gift when I finish it.

I just had to show you the back because it's so much neater than the backs of my first cross-stitched pieces. I'm a little bit proud of my progress.

I hope our grandpas will use these! Actually, I'd like to start using handkerchiefs myself because it'd waste less paper and be softer on my nose, which is currently roughed up from too many tissues. I have a few vintage hankies, but they're just too pretty to use. Maybe I'll have to sew up a few from thrifted cloth.

Last night I crocheted up another stone, this time in pink. It was nice to spend some quiet time huddled near the heater.

Are you making any presents this year?


  1. I love the idea that you made your own hankies -- wow, I could do that with some of my thrifted pillowcases and sheets. And your cross-stitching is near perfect. I've been using hankies around the house lately (but not out in public -- even my kids think they're a little weird, so I don't expect the masses to react well). Maybe we're ahead of the curve with this eco-friendliness! Your little stones are so sweet. Stay warm Allison.

  2. Years ago I fell in love with old men's cotton hankies- the kind with plaid or stripes around the edges. They are perfect to have in my pocket when I garden to dab at my brow. I use them when I have any hint of a cold too and find them very servicable. One of my teens even prefers them to kleenex now. I usually snag mine at the Unique on Preston. Your grandfathers will love your gift. And I have never once shown the backside of my stitching to ANYONE.... yours is as nice as the front!

  3. I love the crocheted stones!


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