Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lacy Totes and Wrist Warmers

[More handmade presents revealed]

Lacy totes in khaki and charcoal with thrifted lace.

I made the khaki one for my mom (she gave me yards of vintage khaki fabric, so it seemed fitting to give her something  made from it) and the charcoal one is my sister's.

They are similar to the tote I made for myself awhile back, but these are bigger and sturdier than my first one. I used a medium-weight interfacing and did the straps differently. I'm learning a bit more with each item I sew, though sometimes I wish I could just learn it all in one fell swoop and be an instant proficient seamstress.

I am happy with the way these totes came out and hope my mom and sister will put them to good use. Julie's leaving in a few short weeks for a semester abroad in London, so perhaps my tote will visit some historic sites.

Woolen wrist warmers for K, which he claims make him feel alternately like a homeless person, an arctic boxer, and Spiderman (if only I had made them in red and blue). My husband has quite the imagination, he does.

I'm just glad he's got something to keep his hands warm while he click-clacks away on the computer. K gets up early in the morning (much earlier than me!) and studies Japanese before work. We learned enough Japanese to get around when we lived in Japan, but there is so much more to learn! He's using a computer program to study Kanji and grammar on his own.* I'm continually impressed by his self-motivation and determination to learn despite the difficulty of Japanese and having to squeeze in study time before and after work. Our house is freezing in the mornings when he gets up to study. So, I hope these wrist warmers will make his study time a little bit easier.

* * * * *

*My hope is that he may one day be able to translate all of those tattoos of Chinese characters that people get, so that we can laugh and laugh at people who unknowingly have silly things inked onto their skin for life. However, I think his own goals might be loftier than that.

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  1. All your gifts are great! Everybody's doing the wrist-warmer thing this year. I better hop on board and get crocheting myself a pair. I wouldn't want to be left behind. The lace on the bags is so "you."


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