Friday, December 18, 2009

Under the tree

Under our skirtless (for now) Christmas tree is such a beautiful, simple nativity. My father-in-law, David, hand-carved and built this scene for us last year. David's got amazing woodworking skills, and I'm so lucky to get to benefit from them. Thanks, David!

Here's a close-up of the baby Jesus. He's so cute and little--only about the size of my thumb.

There was some talk that David might carve a new figure each year to add to the scene, but until then a couple of friends from around the house have volunteered to step in.

Global harmony and cute to boot!

Also under the tree are some presents, wrapped and ready for Christmas morning. I am loving the doilies lately, and brown paper packages tied up with string never go out of style.

Is there anything under your tree yet?


  1. I'm having one of those...."Why didn't I think of that" moments. How simple and pretty your doilies and brown paper look. And there are a few things under our tree for the kids. My husband just informed me he's going shopping now. Hmmmm, I wonder what he's up to.

  2. Allison
    I've mentioned to everyone several times about your blog...I've been so impressed & very proud of each one. Everytime I read your daily blogBut, I think it is the best one...but, now I think today's might just be the best so far. I'm so proud & I know David will love this one also.

    See you soon! - Phyllis

  3. Love the packages!!! Our house is so so tiny and our son has a pull out bed in the living room, so he is my present under the tree until Christmas morning!

  4. That nativity is just beautiful. I would love one like that! You are a very lucky girl! David is quite the artist and craftsman.

  5. I love this idea, with the dollies! So clever and looks like you did not even glue them down?

  6. Oh, thanks everyone for commenting! I'm desperately behind on responding to you all. So sorry for the delay!

    Jodi-I hope your husband picked out something wonderful for you!

    Phyllis-Thanks for being so supportive of the blog. I'm going to blog about the additions to the nativity set soon

    Sue-That is just the sweetest Christmas present ever! I hope you had a great time with all of the family back at home for the holidays.

    Amy-Thanks for the kind comment. I'll pass it along to David.

    Natasha-I just wrapped the doilies around the packages and tied them with ribbon--no glue to mess around with. This way the doilies can also be reused! This is a super-thrifty wrapping technique.


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