Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Good morning, lovelies! I am so excited to be back in this little corner of the Internet, chatting away with you. I have missed you and writing on this blog so very much.

This morning has been so pleasant. I woke up feeling unencumbered, thinking of the blog writing and crafting I get to do today. I made my husband's favorite pancakes--chocolate chip--and cup of tea for breakfast. I feel like surrounding myself with good memories. The pancakes remind me of so many other breakfasts I've spent with K, the tea is Twinings' Four Red Fruits (sweet, fruity, and caffeinated) that I first started drinking when I lived in Amsterdam,* and the mug is from Hiroshima, a beautiful city that I visited last year with K and my uncle Joe.

These are some stones I crocheted over the weekend--Christmas presents for my grandmothers. I'm pretty sure it's safe to post about them here. Neither of my grandmas is a computer person, and I don't think either knows what a blog is.

I love making crocheted stones. Have you tried it yet? It's such a contemplative and meditative activity, which was just what I needed this weekend.

Today I'll be working on some Christmas presents and making some button necklaces for custom orders. I have a lot of crafting to do, and I can't wait to get started. Tomorrow I think I'll even turn on my sewing machine, which has been sorely neglected over the past couple of months. Yay!

I recently heard about people naming their sewing machines, which I guess makes sense considering people also name their cars. Does your sewing machine have a name? How about your car? Mine are currently nameless, but maybe it's time to give them a little more personality.

* * * * *

*I stayed with a family in Amsterdam and my teenage host sister, Riet, loved to have after-dinner tea parties with me. I loved drinking tea with her while we watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch. However, when I first arrived the only tea they had in the house was anise tea, and as much as I tried to like it (I really tried!) I just couldn't. So I picked up different kinds of tea for us to try at our tea parties and in all of the excitement over trying the new teas, the anise tea was forgotten.


  1. I'm glad you're back! My husband was born in Amsterdam and just went back for a visit in October. Right now, we have a huge bag of the most disgusting tasting salt licorice candy that he brought back with him. I'm tempted to throw out a handful with the garbage every week -- but he claims to "love" it. I'm doubting that because the back is still full. Those Dutch have some strange tastes. Did you try the herring when you were there?

  2. I love how you focused on the little things in this post. :)
    I'm afraid if I named my sewing machine I'd start talking to it... more than usual.


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