Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Bedroom

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So this is our bedroom--a little old-fashioned, a little modern, very calm. The only new thing we've gotten for the bedroom is the bedside lamps, which we picked up last time we were at Ikea. The rest is just a reconfiguration of our old things. I've had a lot of fun rearranging our stuff in a new place.  

(Please ignore the blinds...the blinds have got to go. There's a gear stripped on them, so they don't open or close at all. Plus I think curtains would look so much softer and cozier. If anyone has suggestions for curtains or curtain tutorials, send them my way. I'm thinking something simple, light and airy.)

My bedside table belonged to my great uncle. I love the simple lines of it and the natural wood finish. I've got some of Pablo Neruda's poetry for brushing up on my nearly non-existent Spanish language skills, a peony, and a Black Apple print. The girl's shirt has a quote from the Smiths on it--"There is a light that never goes out."

For now the vintage trunk that previously lived at the foot of our bed is serving as K's bedside table. We'll probably pick up a vintage table sometime, but I do like the look of the trunk as a table. I love the whimsy of the stacked books to get the right height for the lamp. We are definitely bibliophiles and have more books than we have space, so finding new ways to store books is always a good thing. I put another Black Apple print here along with a cupful of mint.

There are still boxes in the corners of rooms, but we're getting there. I'll show you more of our new apartment soon.

Hope your week is going well! 


  1. It's looking great. I love using trunks. We had an old trunk growing up that served as our coffee table and held my Mom's fabric. We have one of our own now but it is in the barn till I decide how to use it.

  2. Beautiful! When I saw the first picture I thought it was an "inspiration" shot that you found in a magazine. Beautifully modern, but still cozy.

  3. Love the bedroom. I agree with previous post. It does look like something right out of a magazine.
    Can't wait until our next trip to Louisville to see the "finished product" of the apt.
    As far as something for the window, I love sheers. And if you add more panels than what you thought you might need, then that takes care of the privacy issue & also keeps from too much light coming in. Just a thought.

    Have a great week. - Phyllis

  4. Very nice! I like the should stick with it.

    I love getting a glimpse into someone's home. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the idea of the stacked books so the lamps are even! What a charming room

  6. Love the room! So calming.

  7. What a beautiful haven for you guys! I love that throw pillow (that I know you made) on your bed. It's such a constrasting element. I've done the same things with books -- put them right to work!

    As far as curtains -- have you considered getting simple white sheets and maybe embellishing with a running stitch in a contrasting color (like the dark shade of your pillow)? I think it would give keep that airy look, yet give some privacy.

    You must behaving such a great time getting everything all set up.

  8. Love your bedroom, especially the black and white cushion, black apple prints and books!
    Wendy xx

  9. Uh oh... hope you don't hate those blinds too much! (They're all over my apartment.) ;)

    Your bedroom looks beautiful! You did a great job of putting it together. Only a few more boxes to go, then you can really enjoy your new place. Can't wait to see more of it!

  10. Looks like you are settling in. Curtains would make a much nicer backdrop to your bed - plus a much nicer light in the room. Blinds only let in strips of light - I find that uncomfortable on the eyes sometimes.

  11. Isn't it fun to have a fresh new beginning in an apt!?!? I always thought so. I made me purge, etc.
    I would put up wood blinds the trim color or a bamboo shade and then sheers. Or curtains that give privacy. :)

  12. Love it (except for the blinds, but I know you'll whip up a lovely pair of curtains in no time!)...and something funny? I first thought the "his" and "hers" were stenciled on the wall and I thought that was so cute..! :)

    It's a beautiful space, Allison - full of meaning and very serene and restful. I love it.



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