Friday, October 2, 2009

A crocheted stone, a CD, and some giveaway links

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on Resurrection Fern. I was thrilled to win two wonderful prizes--a crocheted stone and a Lines of Latitude CD. Thank you so much for the giveaway, Margie!

The CD accompanied K and me on our road trip last weekend and the crocheted stone came with me to the library for a study break photo shoot. Luckily it was a quiet day in the stacks so no one was bothered by the girl toting a stone around and taking photographs of it. (Actually, pretty much every day is a quiet day in the stacks...)

How amazing would it be walk down an aisle of books and spot a stone like this? It's so unexpected.

I thought this was a happy coincidence and I had to share it with you. I plopped the stone down randomly and took a few pictures before I realized that the titles pair well with the stone. I especially like the Pattern of Circles with the concentric crochet design, and also the book on the bottom, Peace at the Center.

Last are some very old books. I think the crocheted stone looks right at home here, nestled with books that are over 100 years old. Also, the colors of these books are just fabulous.

* * *

There are a couple of really great giveaways going on right now, but they're ending soon, so you'd better go comment now!

**Liesl of Liesl Made is giving away one of her gorgeous make-up bags. I've got one that I use for my school supplies, and I love it so much because it's pretty, well-made, and durable enough to be pulled in and out of my backpack about a million times a day. Comment on this post to win. Giveaway ends tonight!**

**Chelsea of A lovely, little blog has some beautiful fall photos that she's giving away. I won one of her photos a while back and it's now prettying up my kitchen. (Thanks, Chelsea!) She's extended the giveaway until this weekend, so head on over and comment here to win.**


  1. I am so smitten with these stone, library book photographs that I think you may have inspired me to do some similar photographs myself when the sun comes out again. Thanks so much.

  2. That stone is the cutest! It's very nice to run into you here in blogland :)

  3. Margie-I'm glad you like the pairing of books and stone! Thanks again. You're such an inspiration.

    Heather-Thanks for stopping by! I think the stone is very pretty too.


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