Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apple Pie

Saturday night I granted myself free time, as a way to relax after all of the researching (and stressing about researching) that I've been doing. Of course, I filled my free time with making an apple pie because with a peck of apples on my counter, it's all I daydream about. I decided on an old-fashioned apple pie using this recipe. The big draw to this recipe was that the filling is flavored with vanilla and brandy in addition to the traditional cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

I tweaked the recipe to fit what ingredients I had on hand, which means that I used red delicious apples, cut out the almonds in the crust, and instead of an egg wash I simply brushed the crust with milk. Oh, and I added extra cinnamon to the filling because if you can't use ridiculous amounts of cinnamon in autumnal baking, when can you?

Just out of the oven with my shadow hovering above it, desperately trying not to cut into it until it had cooled its allotted hour.

All the while I kept thinking that the apples would be the center of this dessert, but I have to say that the crust has made quite a name for itself in our house. It's an all-butter crust with lots of flavor and--get this--tender flakiness. I think the key is using gobs of butter, which is fine by me if the crust turns out this delicious.

Apple pie craving if I could only stop thinking about this apple cake...

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