Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend snippets that made me smile

This salad incorporated lots of fall flavors--it's lettuce and spinach topped with roasted sweet potatoes (all from our CSA), toasted pecans, and cheese.

This pizza (+ a beer) made Friday night feel like a celebration. Lately we've been using this dough recipe.

Dark chocolate non-pareils from Nuts-n-Stuff, our local spice store.
The original store was downtown at the haymarket, and my mom used to stop there to get my sister's favorite muffin mix. She'd always pick up some non-pareils or chocolate stars for us to snack on. The shop made such an impression on me, that when my childhood friend and I would play "store" we'd make up signs that read "Nuts-n-Stuff." Then we'd steal food from her kitchen and try to get her parents to pay us for it. Such good memories in this little bag of chocolate!

What my sister recently termed "the most anticipated blanket of all time."
This weekend the crochet block blanket really started coming together. It actually looks like a blanket now instead of a bunch of individual squares. I've finished the border because the actual crocheting is my favorite part, but I'm still sewing up seams. It feels really good to finally be nearing the end. I've loved making this blanket, but I'm ready for it to be in my sister's hands. My hands need to start working on Christmas presents!


  1. The blanket is looking lovely. Must be a nice feeling, finishing it up, getting it ready to be gifted. :)

  2. It's a super-wonderful feeling! I love the creating process, but I think my favorite part is the very beginning when daydreams start panning out. I can't wait to finally start another project.


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