Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend Links: The Hungry Version

I can never have too much fall flavor in my life. These pumpkin muffins and pumpkin waffles (via Heart of Light) are at the top of my to-make list.

Our counter is piled high with garden fresh jalapenos. I'm thinking these scones or this dip, which has long been on my radar. Perhaps a spicy vegetable soup? If you've got any ideas, shoot them my way please!

This applesauce looks like a delicious whole-family project, but mostly I just wish I had an apple peeler like that! I'm going to start scouring thrift stores for one because it would make apple pies so much easier.

I'm impressed--I've never even made regular yogurt, and here Liesl and her grandma made soy yogurt. The combination of yogurt, onions, parsley, and chives sounds so good!

Stovetop popcorn looks so wonderful! It would definitely make movie nights cozier.

* * *

Sometimes it's the little things that make my day, like laughing at the stuff that this guy's dad says.


  1. Great links!! If you should decide to make some stovetop popcorn, you MUST get some Amish ladyfinger or rainbow ladyfinger. Tiny kernals, tender popcorn and hardly ever ever find any hull. Also pops well over a fire!

  2. Sue--Now I am really intrigued and totally craving popcorn! Fire popped corn sounds incredible.


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