Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CSA Day: Going Green

When Mom stopped by with our CSA vegetables yesterday, I couldn't help but smile at all of this green. It was an ol' rainy day and these vegetables brought me some sunshine.

The eggs are from Misty Meadows Farm and the vegetables are from Finger Pickin' Farms.
This week we'll be eating tatsoi, lettuce, mixed salad greens, turnips, hot peppers, green peppers, and sorrel. I'm most excited about those salad greens! Mom called to report that hers were delicious.

You might have noticed that things around here seem to be all about food lately. No matter how busy I get with school, I still have to eat. K and I try to eat at home most of the time and take turns making meals. When we get the chance, we love cooking together (and our current kitchen is big enough to allow for two cooks, as opposed to our Japanese apartment where one person had to chop food in the living room).

On Sunday K made a really lovely sweet potato soup.
He used this recipe, but left out the leeks and celery because we didn't have any. We thought it might be too sweet without those extra savory vegetables, but it turned out to be a good balance of sweet and savory. He substituted milk for the half and half, and the soup was still plenty creamy.

It's the perfect soup to warm you up on a cool fall day.

What are you eating this week?

* * *
Oh, and do you ever use Food Blog Search? I use it all the time when I'm looking for recipes. It's easier to sift through than just doing a google search. Plus there are lots of tips and ideas for recipes that you can play around with.


  1. There is always such good food posts here. Makes me hungry. :)
    Tonight I'm going to attempt some recipes from my newest cookbook--chickpea cutlets, lemony roasted potatoes and if I'm feeling very ambitious, homemade vegan ice-cream.

  2. Thanks Liesl--we really love food! I can't wait to read about your latest kitchen adventures.


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