Monday, November 1, 2010

weekend snippets: halloween what?

fancy evening out (glitzy bag and new coat)

started this book. totally enthralled so far. (bonus: i finally finished middlemarch.)

played carcassonne. such a fun game. goes great with wine.

parmesan popcorn. my favorite kind of popcorn. 

baking prep. i've got a cake link and an icing recipe for you soon.

* * * 

On Friday I went to my first orchestra performance, where I realized that I have no idea how to listen to classical music. My grade school music classes consisted of singing along with tapes and occasionally tapping some sticks together. The song I most vividly remember learning to sing was "Walk Like an Egyptian." And that's the extent of my music education. So, yeah, the first half of the orchestra performance pretty much flew over my head. During intermission I quickly skimmed through the program, so I had in mind what to listen for, which helped me get more out of the second half. I still thought the most exciting part of the performance was when the violin soloist broke a string. Oh, the drama of the orchestra...

* * * 

What's something that made your weekend interesting?

* * *

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  1. Congrats on finishing Middlemarch! I absolutely loved that book, but remember feeling like it took me forever to finish it.
    The orchestra performance sounds like a perfect night out...I think I'm a tad bit jealous :)
    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

  2. Mmmmm ... Carcassonne and wine and popcorn is one of my very favorite ways to spend an evening! Have you played Qwirkle? It's another favorite around our house.

  3. I like your fancy bag!

    I haven't been to the orchestra...ever, I don't think.

    I like your weekend. A nice mix of things to do.

  4. I understand completely about being musically illiterate (not that you used those words). But now that I have a child studying music in college, I realize just how little I know. I'm not sure where this child of mine came from. Hmmmm.

    Anyhow -- hitch a ride to Syracuse on Saturday....I do have one extra ticket to the game since my husband can't go. Come on Allison, do it!

  5. I wish my music teachers had taught us popular Bangles tunes! Actually, I did have to play it for my girls a few weeks ago when I came across it on the radio; I'm sure it's something they will never forget ;-)

    I did go to the orchestra once in grade school...and it was the most boring field trip I had ever taken. (And I've taken field trips to cemetaries.) I hope you were able to make more out of it than I would have heard!


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