Sunday, September 19, 2010

weekend snippets: tea, cupcakes, and crochet

masala chai for two from the zen teahouse.

cupcake prep. yum.

my potluck contribution. chocolate cupcakes with vanilla/chocolate buttercream frosting.

reading middlemarch with the help of awake blend tea.

a bit of hook time with some red thread. motif #46 from this book.

* * * 

this weekend has been full, but very happy. i got to visit with both of my parents, hang out with a grade school friend, and go on a cool morning walk with k. of course there was also lots of studying, as well as a bit of cooking and cleaning, but that's to be expected. 

what's something happy from your weekend? i'd love to hear. it'll help me (and maybe you) extend good weekend feelings on into the work/school week. 


  1. Making me happy this weekend, our new hens laying eggs, yum! and finishing the knitted bikini which has taken FOREVER!

  2. This was a great weekend. The Offspring stayed with my parents and The Mr. and I had some time to ourselves.

    It was his band's LP release party and they had a show as well as an in-store appearance. So much fun. I saw some old friends, current friends, and made new friends. And of course, got to take my favorite drummer home with me.

  3. Lovely motif....I'm going to check out this book. It looks like a must-have. Unfortunately, I spent part of the weekend away at a board meeting for work. The upside was that it was held in Saratoga at the historic Gideon Putnam Hotel, which is absolute loveliness. Somehow, the whole weekend flew by and now it's another work-week. Sigh.

  4. This weekend, my sister invited us over for dinner for no reason, it was awesome and so yummy!

    I really like that motif. Crochet thread intimidates me though, it's so small

  5. Your crochet is beautiful and that tea pot is soooo cute!


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