Wednesday, September 8, 2010

csa day: melons and squash

Here's what we found in our Finger Picking Farms CSA box last week. Lots of good things: squash, zucchini, melons, basil, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and okra. 

This week our CSA is on break because of all the dry, hot weather we've been having. Hopefully now that it's cooling down the crops will start improving. I know it must be hard on Nick, our CSA farmer, but he has kept us well-supplied with fruits, vegetables, and flowers this year. 

[Julie pretending to throw her bouquet of basil]

This week's menu:

Monday and Tuesday--Egg Noodle Soup

This is my vegetarian riff on chicken noodle soup--I use vegetables, vegetable broth, egg noodles, and eggs. Secret ingredient: Bay leaves. 

Wednesday and Thursday--Vegetable Strata with Homemade Pesto 

This one was inspired by a really delicious strata I ate at The Cafe. I had never tasted a strata, but it wowed me right away. The bread and eggs make it so comforting and the vegetables make it hearty. I might have a recipe for you if this works out. K cooked it all as I cobbled together different internet recipes and shouted out the directions. (Thanks K!)

Friday--Veggie burgers, corn risotto, and roasted sweet potatoes

* * * 

Hope you're eating well this week! Have you been cooking anything good?


  1. I love roasted sweet potatoes.

    I'm interested in this tell all about it.

  2. I am so looking forward to getting my CSA squash! My pick-up's tomorrow and I think melon will be in the box too. And we're still getting tomatoes (hurray!). Tonight I was into comfort food. I made Martha Stewart's open-faced chicken sandwiches with roasted chicken. It hit the spot -- with the kids too!


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