Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Collaborative Crochet: Pompom Baby Beanie

As you might remember from my ripple blanket post, my cousin is due to have a little boy any day now. She is ready to have him in her arms instead of her belly! 

To celebrate his arrival, my mom crocheted this hat for him, but she asked me to add the finishing details. I crocheted a simple cream border and decided to top it with a pompom, which pleased me to no end because I've been itching to make a pompom for a long time. I used this tutorial, and am happy with the results. I hope Baby Gabe will be happy with it, too!

My Nancy doll wanted to model, and who am I to stop her? Her yellow curls do make for a lumpy silhouette, though. My Grandma Trudy crocheted Nancy for me when I was maybe two years old.

 I named her after a girl at my daycare who had curly blond hair. I still can recall a blurry image of that girl and her blond girls as she was being carried into the daycare by one of her parents. It's strange the things that stay with us.

Nancy doll hangs out in my living room now, sleeping on bookshelves and lazing in chairs. She leads a charmed life.

* * * * *

This hat is my go-to baby gift. It's quick to make and you can easily create a variety of hats just by changing the border or adding different adornments. The pattern is free if you want to try it out for yourself. Here it is on Ravelry, too.


  1. Like surprises? Come over to my blog; there is one for you!

  2. A new baby in the family! What fun. We're so out of the baby stage here (and hopefully, it will be awhile too). I'm not ready for that, but I can enjoy seeing baby fashions from a far. Nice going -- you and your mom.

  3. I love baby items for exactly that reason: quick and (usually) easy.

    That is a very sweet hat. And I love the story of your Nancy.

  4. Nancy is so cool!
    I think she needs a hat of her own.
    xxo+ox, Camille

  5. Love the hat! Thanks for using my Hats Hats Hats pattern :) Turned out so darling!


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