Monday, September 6, 2010

Lavender Tea Shawl

Hello friends! Around these parts we're still enjoying our Labor Day holiday. We had a long-lost friend come to visit this weekend, a friend called autumn weather. We opened the windows and invited the cool air to make itself at home. We took walks and marveled at the chill. Yes, I do hope cool weather will stay awhile, especially now that I am officially ready for it, armed with crocheted goods like a wool cardigan, a South Bay shawl, and now this soft lavender tea shawl.

The lavender tea shawl worked up quickly. I thought I'd finished it, but then I went and made those potholders and fell head-over-heels for their scalloped edges. So I ripped out the edging and re-did it using a variation on the potholder scallop.

I had a good time trying out different ways to style this shawl. It's cozy when wrapped to the side, making it perfect for snuggling into at the bus stop on cool mornings. 

Wearing the shawl backwards really highlights the scallops, which (if you haven't figured it out already) are my favorite part of the shawl. Whenever I wear a shawl this way, I get the feeling that I need to design a kind of mini-poncho--a crocheted round with a hole for my head and scalloped edges that just cover my shoulders like this one here. Then I wouldn't have to worry about tying the ends in the back. 

I'm quite partial to wearing the lavender tea shawl fastened with a vintage brooch. I imagine I'll be wearing it this way most of all.

The pattern is a free one from Lion Brand Yarn called the Tea Wrap (or Seashell Wrap). I think you have to have an account to view the pattern, but it's free to make an account and there are lots of good free patterns. The Ravelry pattern page is here. You can see my project page with notes on the changes I made to the pattern here.
* * * * * 

I hope you're enjoying the change of seasons as much as I am! I'm off to wrap up in this shawl and spend the day by open windows with my nose stuck in my school books and a cup of tea at my side.


  1. Funny, I had the same friend visit this weekend!

    Your shawl looks great!

  2. Before I forget to mention it....I love your new header. It's wonderful. And that shawl -- I can see why you love the scalloped look. I think I like it best paired with the brooch. Very classic looking.

  3. LOVE the shawl! I love it every way, but I really do believe with the brooch is my favorite. I need to start making my list & give my order to you for some items.

    Hope you're having a great day!


  4. Beautiful shawl. I MAY try to make one. Love it too with the vintage brooch. Sweet.


  5. I love our new guest - every window has been open all weekend. I also love scallop edging. Your shawl is great. Everytime I finish a baby blanket for a customer and we know it's a girl I add a scallop edge.

  6. Allison, this is so nice! This is perfect for fall!

  7. Oh, Allison!! This is beautiful! And it only shows off how beautiful YOU are! I also love the thimble of lavendar on your new banner. You are always such a nice dose of lovely.

  8. I love it!!!!

    I'm going to **have** to make one. For sure.

  9. wow...the lavender really compliments your hair color!

  10. Allison it's just lovely and you are too cute!!!

  11. wow, it's beautiful! I followed your links, and I saw that you made it in only 10 days, I'm in awe! I really like it worn it fastened with the broach, just lovely.


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