Friday, September 3, 2010

this moment: sundae at summer's end

a sweet end to summer. 

bring on autumn!

* * * * *

i'm participating in the {this moment} series inspired by soulemama.

each week i pick a photo of one moment i'd like to savor a little bit longer.

you can see what moments others have chosen on soulemama's blog.


  1. I am with you. Looking so forward to the beautiful Fall!
    Here is my moment:
    Happy Labor Day!

  2. Yes, we did ice cream as well!

  3. Oh man that looks good - even at 8:45am that sundae looks good! PS - love the banner!

  4. Yum. Times two.

    Mega banner love!

  5. I could ring in the new fall season with ice cream too, great idea! ( I love your banner!)

  6. Welcome to Fall -- I just awoke to wonderfully cool, crisp air. Good by humidity! Have a great long weekend.

  7. I discovered you over at Soule Mama and wanted to tell you about The Happiness Project going on over at my blog. Every Tuesday I host a carnival where everyone posts a photo of something that makes them happy. It's that simple. I am trying to take over the blogosphere with happiness.

    Here is a link to yesterday's post if you want to check it out.

    I would love it if you joined in the fun next Tuesday!!


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