Friday, September 10, 2010

this moment: still trying to find my groove

[from my record collection]

this week i've alternated between feeling like confident maria ("i have confidence in confidence alone") and problem maria ("she climbs a tree and scrapes her knee, her dress has got a tear"). 

for now i'm living in that groove between tracks four and five, hoping with all i've got that the buoyant feeling of confident maria will soon win out. 

* * * 

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  1. Lovely-
    So nice to ‘meet’ you!

    Here is my moment if you are interested in taking a look:

  2. Oh I love this! I'm not sure if I have ever listened to the soundtrack in entirety. I must give that a listen!

  3. That elusive groove-thing....Sometimes a takes a bit to get back into a routine. I used to knock routines -- now I hate it when mine is disrupted. You'll find yours. Sit and crochet a bit and you'll feel some peace come over you.

  4. What a nice take on things!

    I have no doubt you'll find your groove and be twirling in the mountains before you know it.

  5. I have that album on vinyl too! I can get my groove back by getting my groove on!
    xoxooo+oxx, Camille


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