Monday, September 13, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Last weekend the big flea market came to town--the flea market with lots of antiques that only comes twice a year. I had a little bit of luck finding vintage crafty materials to work with. 

I scored a vintage floral curtain, a pink and aqua sheet (perfect for a little recovering project I've got in mind), some colorful crochet hooks, furniture keys, and some itsy-bitsy crochet hooks in their own wooden case. 

The vintage crochet threads are from my mom (thanks, Mom!) who knows the vintage things I like and keeps an eye out whenever she's at a thrift store. As you can see I couldn't resist breaking into those threads and have already whipped up a lacy little project (far right). Now that I've got all of this thread, I might have to try my hand at crocheting ric-rac. Crocheted ric-rac around the collar would really perk up a plain t-shirt, don't you think?

A closer look at the hooks and keys. I love the soft colors of the hooks; they look like after dinner mints. The furniture keys each have a character of their own. I want to keep them all! However, I do need to think of something else to make besides necklaces so that I don't become "that girl who always wears a key around her neck." Any ideas for how to use my excess of vintage keys would be greatly appreciated.

These are the hooks from the green wooden case. They're so tiny! I don't know if I'll ever actually use them, but they're pretty fun to look at. 

* * * 

Have you had any thrifty luck lately?


  1. I wish you had invited me to the flea market....Every once in a while go to the Bouckville Antique Show (which is huge here in NYS). I swoon over all the treasures to be found. Luck seemed to be with you. What fun little treats you picked up. And yes -- I was going to post a few of my finds later this week. I just need to get some pictures taken.

  2. I love reading your blog. I read "crochet rick rack" and thought "Kate" but behold you read her too. It's like having a conversation with a friend. Except NONE of my flesh and blood friends are bloggers and don't get it! anyway the keys, have you seen Lora at Eager Hands? ( she makes lovely necklaces that I drool over quite often. I bet you could make some of them xxxx

  3. Nope, no thrift luck. But one needs to actually go thrifting to have luck.

    You made some fine scores! Wow!

    I have a set of steel hooks. They are so crazy small! One day I will get my great grandmother's set. Something about old tools...they seem to work better for some reason.

  4. I loooove the floral curtain fabric.....if I had found that there would have been squeals of delight. x

  5. Love the pastels and the happy flower fabrics in all your finds. Now i want to go thrifting - i haven't been since may.

  6. Oh what gorgeous, gorgeous finds.
    I hope you d crochet up somr ric rac. I think it would look lovely indeed around the neck of a top.


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