Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yellow polka-dotted pouch

A happy confluence of events brought about this little envelope pouch. A great tutorial from maya*made, leftover linen/cotton fabric from making pillow covers, zillions of buttons on hand, and...indulge me with a drumroll here...a new home for my sewing machine!

On Sunday K and I headed to the antique mall to check out a formica table I had spotted earlier in the week. It was on super-sale, we had a gift certificate, and it fit in the car. I think it was meant to be! So now my sewing machine and I are no longer roving gypsies. The sewing machine has a permanent place on the new craft table in a previously unused corner of our bedroom, where it seems right at home.

This is actually the second envelope purse I made. For the first one I followed the tutorial closely, but after I finished it I decided I'd like it better if it were just a smidge bigger. I wanted a pouch to fit my moleskine notebook and a pen, so I just cut the fabric an inch wider, which resulted in a perfect fit for my writing supplies.

The tutorial was very easy to follow and the accompanying pictures definitely helped me and my novice sewing skills. The hardest part was trying to keep the elastic in place while sewing.

The outer fabric is a charcoal gray* linen/cotton blend and the lining is an all-cotton polka-dotted print. I just can never get enough polka dots. They're so whimsical and carefree.

Little and big

Polka-dotted insides

* * * * *

*There is a charcoal gray doily pillow currently prettying up our bed. I've been waiting to post about it because I just posted about the buttercup doily pillow, and I don't want anyone to go into doily pillow overload. I'll post about it soon, though! I really like the contrast of the dark fabric and the white doily.


  1. I'm so happy to see these! These turned out so beautifully and I love your fabric choices! What fantastic sewing... you're now ready for new challenges, I bet. I love how you made one just the right size for your notebook and pen.I'm going to file that idea away for myself...

  2. LOVE these! You are very talented! I hope to see pictures of your afgahn soon, even if just the pieces. I am a sucker for a granny square.

  3. Thanks so much for the kind comments! I sure do appreciate them.

    Maya-thanks again for the tutorial! I do love having my writing stuff in one place and ready to go.

    Sue-I think I can manage some in progress photos of the afghan. It might even motivate me to work on it more!


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