Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Stacks of bread
Last week I had a marathon bread day, making 4 loaves in an afternoon. We gave away 2 loaves, and K sliced up the other 2 to keep in the freezer (this picture is only one of the loaves). I love seeing all of that bread stacked up. It represents a lot of meals!

Piles of tomatoes
And these are the tomatoes I picked on Sunday. Yeah, we've got a lot of tomatoes. I can't believe how many we've harvested so far. We've been giving them away to family, friends, and neighbors, but we still have lots laying around. The plan is to freeze them to use in fall and winter soups.

Loads of fun
This picture is from the Kentucky State Fair website. I know, it's from 3 years ago, but this year's posters were not doing it for me.

It's state fair week! I've got a fair date with my sister for opening day of the fair, which is this Thursday. We're both excited to take lots of fair pictures, eat junk food, and people-watch. Julie likes meandering through the animal barns, and I love checking out giant vegetables. Win-win! The fair runs from August 20th-30th this year. I hope you'll get out and enjoy it!

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