Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sand and Sea Lunch Bag

I didn't intend to make a bag today. Really, I didn't. I was making out my Christmas list* and this bag just sort of happened. I'm hoping to make most or all of the presents that I give this year, so advance planning is absolutely required if I want to get all of the presents done in time. The list-making was going well at first, probably because I started with ideas for my mom and sister. It's easy to make things for women. Then I got to K and was stumped.

But! I remembered that he takes his lunch every day to work and usually just throws a sandwich or leftovers into a plastic grocery bag. Surely, I can make something better than a plastic sack. I scoured the Internet (where I get so much of my inspiration) and found a lunch bag tutorial that was based on a grocery bag. My lucky day!

K's got a birthday coming up soon, too, so I figured I might as well dive in and see if I could make this. The exterior is a sandy tan and the interior is blue coral on a white background. It's not the most masculine bag, but it doesn't scream girly either. I figure it can tide** K over until I can make his birthday bag, at which time I'll reclaim the Sand and Sea lunch bag for myself. [edited to add: apparently the blue coral does scream girly. I guess I'll head to the fabric store.]

There's plenty of room in this bag for lunch, and it's sturdy enough to use for hauling groceries or vegetables from the market. Plus, I do think the style makes it a unisex bag. Guys carry grocery bags all the time, so they should be comfortable carrying this one around, especially if you get a solid or manly-patterned fabric.

If you're interested, the tutorial is pretty straightforward and most all of us have a plastic sack sitting around to use for the pattern. Check it out!

* * * * *

*Oh, how I love Christmas! It's definitely my favorite holiday because of all the time spent with family and all of the baking. I always make cookies with my mom and sister, and last year K and I made candy with my grandma. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and I'm glad that since I'm making my presents this year I get to start daydreaming about Christmas in August. And by the way, I've already got my Christmas wishlist made out. Hint: It's mostly craft supplies.

**The Sand and Sea bag will tide him over. Get it? That's a joke for my dad.

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  1. I have wanted to try to making those bags. They look pretty simple and would make a great gift. We made all our gifts last year. Sewmamasew has a great list of things to make and the tutorials that go with them. (Maybe you knew that) Anyway I love the bag thanks for the inspiration.


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