Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CSA Day: We've got okra...

As he was piling our CSA box full of fresh vegetables, I asked Nick of Finger Pickin' Farms lots of questions. I quizzed him on the names of each variety of tomato and pepper. Then I promptly forgot everything he said. I don't know where that information went, but I lost it. So here's my rundown on what we're eating this week. We've got bunches of heirloom tomatoes, squash, tiny currant tomatoes, green and white cucumbers, peppers (spicy jalapenos, another spicy one, and purple, red, green, and chocolate peppers...I can remember chocolate!), potatoes, and okra.

Okra! I've been wanting to try fresh okra. We've got some growing in the garden (it grows straight up--did you know that?), but that okra is reserved for crafting Christmas ornaments. Impractical, but very cute Christmas ornaments. Nick suggested stewing the okra with tomatoes, and he mentioned that this is a rather low-slime variety. Yes, low-slime. That's always my second favorite (no-slime being #1).

These tiny tomatoes are sweet and incredibly easy to pop in your mouth by the handful.

We also bought some eggs from Misty Meadows Farm. We've bought eggs from them before, but usually they're sold out before we get to the farmers' market. I finally figured out the secret, though. All you have to do is email Misty Meadows and they'll reserve a dozen for you. I'm so happy that we'll be getting fresh eggs each week now. If you haven't tried farm fresh eggs, you really need to get yourself in gear. These eggs are bursting with flavor, their yolks are brightly colored, and they're so good for you. Plus, I love knowing that my eggs are coming from healthy, happy chickens raised on a local farm.

The egg on the bottom right is blue. So spectacular! It's the first blue chicken egg I've ever seen in person. I feel like we should make something really special with it. Any ideas?

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