Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fiending for some Mad Men

Lately I've been harassing my local video store with phone calls and pop ins. I know I can't be the only one, but I wish the store would understand that I am the most important one. I'm the one that wants Season 2 of Mad Men the most, and that should count for something. Bump me up to the front of the line. As it stands, I've only seen Season 1, and Season 3 starts on Sunday. Sunday, people! I'm running out of time.

Season 1 of Mad Men blew me away. The sets looked just like 1960 New York. Granted, I wasn't born then and have never been to New York, but the sets are pretty convincing. The brilliant storyline was so much more interesting than I expected. I expected 1960s-style eye candy and a stale plot, but those Mad Men writers amazed me with lots of plot twists and character development. My favorite part of Mad Men, though, is definitely the clothes, hair, and makeup. I love late 1950s styles and watching this show definitely makes me want to get a tailored dress, pearls, and pumps. It's fun to see what each character will wear.

Mad Men is one of the absolute best shows I've ever watched, and now I'm fiending for Season 2. Maybe I'll call the video store again. Cross your fingers.

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