Monday, August 17, 2009

From the land of linkin'

Some things that have been inspiring me lately:

Photo from (see #5)

1. I really like being alive. A lot.
A simple and beautiful embroidery that is so true.

2. So many things I want to smell. They all sound enticing! The descriptions of the scents are wonderful.
I really want to try: Russian Caravan Tea, Winter 1972, M3 November, Gathering Apples, Burning Leaves, Just Breathe, Ocean/Eternal Return, At the beach 1966

3. Margaret Oomen and her creations in Crochet Today. After she posted this on her blog I ran out and bought the magazine. Now I can finally make some crochet-covered stones of my own, though I do have to go on a hunt for some larger stones tonight.

4. I recently started reading a blog that is beautiful and encourages readers to spread kindness throughout the world.

5. I've never actually worn a beret, but have been loving them lately. No idea why.* This one's really darling! As soon as I break down and buy the necessary yarn, I'll be crocheting up a storm to finish it.

* * * * *

*Ok, ok, I might have some idea. It might be because I love watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show on hulu. She's so cool and has such an amazing theme song.

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