Sunday, August 30, 2009

And the doily pillows don't stop

Oh, what a glorious morning--one of those mornings that make you want to sing.* Our windows and doors are flung open to let in the cool, crisp air. Air sent by autumn itself as a little love letter to us, letting us know it's just around the corner. My baking this weekend has been an ode to fall, full of cinnamon, pears, and oats. September is a-knockin' and I'm inviting it right in.

After yesterday's post on all of those unfinished projects laying around, I thought I'd show you something I have finished. It's a natural-colored cotton pillow cover with a round doily sewn on the front. It has been keeping this one company on our couch. This pillow cover has an envelope back like the others I've made, but I sewed French seams on this one to keep it from raveling. I haven't had a problem with the other pillow covers raveling, but I think this one will withstand the wear and tear of the years better. Yeah, these things are totally going to be family heirlooms.

Well, K and I are off for a neighborhood walk and a picnic in a tiny nearby park. I hope the rest of your weekend is full of enjoyment!

* * * * *
*When my sister was a kid she watched Oklahoma about a million billion times. Seriously. It drove everyone else in the house kind of crazy, but she loved it. Revenge was so easy, though! Julie's not really a morning person, so crawling into her bed and singing this song loudly and oh-so-cheerfully was great payback.

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