Friday, October 1, 2010

this moment: cozy library time



{this moment} find more moments over at amanda's blog.

* * *

i'll post photos of the crochet object from our guessing game soon.


  1. I am a new want to be knitter...I think I may stick around and read a little while. That is why I love the this moment day..I find cool people doing cool stuff!

  2. I love the Canterbury Tales. I took a class on Chaucer (because I had to) and ended up loving it way more than I thought I would. Probably because I had an awesome instructor. But after reading works by Chaucer it drives me crazy to hear people say they don't like Shakespeare because it's written in old English. Uh, no.That would be Beowulf people!

    Love that mustard colored yarn. So pretty! What will it be?

  3. Canterbury Tales I don't think I ever read that maybe I should do my own homestudy. As for Shakespheare it is hard but when I was in high school we read it but then see the play. It helped a lot. High schools sometimes put on performances.
    That's beautiful color. I can't wiat to find out what the geen one is I have no guesses.

  4. It looks like a lovely time of the day for you!

  5. Two of my favorite things: Chaucer and knitting!

    Here's my moment, a friend's last day in the US before returning to Romania:

    Have a great weekend!

  6. A good book and lucious yarn. I have some that color -- it's called toffee. Just yummy. Have a great weekend.

  7. Chaucer is one of my favourites! I taught the prologue at A level and fell in love with it even more. My favourite is the Wife of Bath! I see on your reading list you are reading the Scarlet Letter - total reading bliss!


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