Friday, October 15, 2010

csa day: three weeks in one post

[this week]

Our CSA subscription is still going on despite my lack of posts about it. K and I still stop by my dad's house once a week to divvy up our box of vegetables. We have been getting lots of peppers (ideas welcome!), radishes, and sweet potatoes. We've also found squash, salad greens, and little pears in our weekly box, too.

[last week]

[two weeks ago]

Menu Highlights:

Moosewood French Onion Soup

Vegetable pot pie adapted from this book

Fall salad: mixed salad greens, baked sweet potatoes, toasted pecans, smoked gouda, roasted squash seeds, sliced pears

Tofu with garlic mirin sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans

Cincinnati-style chili

* * * 

I hope you've been eating well! If you've got any ideas for using up a lot of peppers, let me know.


  1. You've been getting a lot of peppers! There were four in my box this week too. And radishes and squash (it's seriously coming out my ears!). But sadly, I think we only have two more weeks of CSA goodness. I don't want to go back to grocery store produce.

    And one more thing....I have a few little somethings I would like to send your way. Can you e-mail me your address. It's not much, but it's got your name all over it!

  2. Your CSA pictures always look so pretty!

    We just got our hands on the Moosewood cookbook! I love it and have been drooling over the sweet illustrations and awesome recipes. I'll have to look up the soup. Considering it's soup season and all and I haven't had French Onion Soup in years.

  3. I'm envious of the sweet potatoes. Our farm never grows those. Not sure why.

  4. I love how you photograph vegetables!

  5. These are such great images. You could totally do a collage in a frame and put it up in your kitchen.

  6. You're so artistic in your vegetable arrangements and photographs...beautiful colors, too.

  7. It is so fun to look through your blog! I am really loving the csa posts and menus too!


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