Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goldenrod Cable Hat

I wanted to give Kristie something for letting us stay at her house in Ann Arbor. Since Michigan gets so cold in the winter, I thought I'd crochet her something to keep her warm. I'm on a bit of a hat kick and I can't get enough crochet cables at the moment, so this cable hat was the perfect pattern for me.

Kristie told me that her favorite colors were "goldenrod and a sort of mauve-ish color." The latter eluded me, but I easily found some goldenrod wool at my local yarn shop, The Knit Nook

This hat crocheted up really quickly, and it was so fun to watch the cables materialize. I enjoyed making it so much that I've already made another one, which will be making an appearance in this space soon.

I was really pleased that Kristie immediately tucked this hat into her jacket pocket, so it would be handy when during cool night outings. I snapped a photo of her in the goldenrod hat, but she made me promise not to post it on the blog because "it was too early in the morning" to take good pictures. 

This is a great pattern to use if you'd like to try crocheting cables. It definitely isn't a beginner's pattern, but it also isn't as complicated as it might first seem. If you can figure out how to do front post double crochet (fpdc), you can make this hat.

Here is the free pattern: Rheatheylia's Cable Hat 

Ravelry link: Cable Hat

Details on my version: Goldenrod Cable Hat  

* * * 

Look for a crochet giveaway around here soon! I'm pretty excited about it! 


  1. You can crochet cables? I did not know that! I'm just mastering the basic stitches :)

  2. love, love, love this hat!
    Beautiful work :)

  3. It looks hard -- but I'm glad looks are deceiving. I was just commenting to my mother today that I'm loving gold lately. We went to the NYS Wool Show this weekend and there were so many gorgeous colors -- I guess I could say I love them all, including mauve-ish.

  4. That color is the bomb.

    I bought some yarn this weekend to make a shawl/wrap and a cowl. I also chose a couple of skeins to make some hats.

    I like the idea of cables. I'll check this out.

    I have big aspirations.

  5. Allison, you are a generous giver!
    We are in Northern Utah visiting Dinousar National Monument. The Freemont Indians carved the petroglyphs about 1200 AD. They carved petroglyphs of giant lizards (we didn't hike to see them) which makes me think they discovered dinosaurs 1000 years ago. I will try to get this info into my blog. It has been a great holiday! Your friend, Camille

  6. Ooh lush I def want to learn cable crochet!

  7. Great job on the cable crochet. I love the detail.

  8. Absolutely LOVE this hat!! I'll definitely have to give it a try :)

  9. That color is fabulous! Looks like a cozy hat and the perfect "Thank You" gift! :)

  10. very detailed work on this hat … looks great !!! now the challenge to make one just like it … but I'll give it a shot … Thank you !! the Hookdude in Texas


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