Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yellow Cherry Blossom Pouch

Every time I think that I have a new favorite color, I always come back to yellow. It's such a cheery color--the color of sunlight, daffodils, and butter (which makes everything pretty wonderful). I've never seen a yellow cherry blossom--they actually might only exist in a fairy tale land--but I love the idea of them.

I made this little pouch for my friend Christine. We met in Japan, so cherry blossoms seemed appropriate. It reminds me of going to hanami parties* with her at the park, seeing fluffy pink cherry blossoms against the blue twilit sky. The last hanami party we went to together was in spring of last year and during the party it started gently sprinkling. Not enough rain to make us hop on our bikes and head home, but just enough rain so that the tiny water droplets clung to our hair, the grass, and the cherry blossoms and made everything look magical.

I hope she can find some little treasures to fill this pouch with--letters from Japanese friends, ticket stubs from our sumo adventure, or photos of her time in the land of the rising sun.

This is the same pattern as the pouches I made here. The original pattern comes from the maya*made blog and can be found here.

* * * * *

*Hanami parties are cherry blossom-viewing parties (the English translation sounds pretty clunky, huh?). In the spring, hoards of people gather at parks and on river banks to picnic and look at the cherry blossoms. My students told me that they were always much more excited about the food than the blossoms.

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  1. Hi Allison! I'm a big fan of the yellow cherry blossoms as well! (Who says cherry blossoms always have to be pink, anyway?? Can't we call these "banana blossoms" or "lemon blossoms"???)

    After much thought as to what this lovely little pouch should hold, I decided to put in it all the letters and postcards I've been receiving from the friends, students, and teachers I met while in Japan. Unfortunately, your last note would not fit unless I bended it! I couldn't bring myself to do it, so the pouch and note are resting close to each other. Again, I love it! Domo arigato gozaimasu!


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